There is nothing artificial about luck.

They say machines will take over the world. Just think about it. They process information at a rate over a million times faster than humans, they don’t take sick days, they don’t have Zoom fatigue, they don’t care about remote working locations, quality of snacks, development plans or bonus calculations. They are unable to be inspired or offended. They do need feedback, but only to make them stronger, faster and smarter.

While many fear artificial intelligence because it could one day make their jobs obsolete, we believe it is the greatest tailwind for our mission in history. You see, we are not just in the marketing or advertising business. We are not defined only by our creativity, strategy or our use of data. Luckie is in the luck removal business, because we see too many brands leaving success to chance. Removing luck dramatically improves the opportunities for sustained growth and success.

Most people refer to luck as a supernatural force that describes unexpected outcomes, but we see it as a super-risky force that describes uncontrolled outcomes. Analytics, some driven by human brains and some powered by machine intelligence, helps us dramatically control and limit the impact of chance for our clients. Here are some of the things analytics fuels every day:

Business Analytics. What is the real business problem, not just the brand issue? What does it take to drive more revenue and growth? Luckie analytics, powered by AI, can now process and analyze large volumes of data quickly and accurately, making it easier for businesses to identify patterns and trends that can inform strategic decision-making.

Marketplace Analytics. Where can the brand find relevance, differentiation and traction? Luckie analytics drives more automation to increase efficiency while also being more predictive in identifying patterns to drive efficacy.

Inspiration Analytics. How can data be used to provide not only inspiration to feel but also motivation to act? Luckie analytics accelerates optimization to fit the most reactive triggers on the most active platforms to the audiences with greatest propensity to buy.

Audience Analytics. How can insight reveal triggers to open minds, wallets and acceptance? Luckie analytics propels an understanding of sentiment and preferences to deliver unparalleled personalization of messages and experiences that are proven to drive conversion.

Propensity Analytics. How can data define and prioritize an audience’s propensity to act? Luckie analytics, powered by machine learning/AI, analyzes behavior faster, segments customers based on reaction, and helps create predictive models that guide all go-to-market investment.

Performance Analytics. How can every dollar be made accountable to goal? Luckie analytics removes the guesswork from performance by holding every dollar accountable to ROI.

Momentum Analytics. How does initial market return drive new innovation and investment to drive greater return? Luckie analytics helps improve risk management and fuel new innovation and new markets.

If you have a brand that you believe could have better fortune and worry that too much luck is creeping in, we’ve developed a no-obligation audit to help rule out chance. Just reach out to me directly at John.Gardner@Luckie.com to learn more. If you are comfortable enough with your current path, we will always wish you luck. Well, you know what we mean.