A Guide to Removing the Luck From OTC Marketing

In today’s crowded over-the-counter marketplace, it’s more important than ever to balance innovation, customer-centricity and data-driven insights to drive marketing success. Our experts John Gardner and John Petersen break down three impactful OTC marketing strategies to help you generate demand and unlock sales.

1. Drive Relevance and Resonance with Content
In a world where consumers are increasingly educated about their health, it’s even more important to deliver relevant content that’s easily consumed. By understanding and harnessing the customer experience, you can drive more relevance and resonance with your content at every stage of the health journey.

2. Take an Omnichannel Approach
Consumers are facing a massive number of purchasing decisions on a daily basis, especially around consumer health products. To create demand in a crowded space, drive the consumer to the right purchase by homing in on targeted omnichannel messaging.

3. Use Data To Understand the Customer Journey
When you’re a challenger brand going up against OTC Goliaths, you can use your competitive advantage of being nimble. By activating data to better understand your customer’s journey, you can maximize your messaging and channel strategy to reach the right audience at important points of intercept. The better you target your spend, the greater your ROI.

Mastering OTC marketing requires a strategic approach that integrates an omnichannel presence, data-driven customer insights and compelling content marketing. By adopting these three strategies, you can unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns and drive exceptional results. Reach out to john.petersen@luckie.com for more information on how to remove the luck from your marketing.