Luckie Opens Three New Offices

BIRMINGHAM – Marketing agency Luckie & Company recently hosted a business event to launch the opening of their new 15,000 sq ft office in downtown Birmingham, adjacent to the neighborhood where the company started 70 years ago. At the event, which included a panel discussion with business and civic leaders about preparing for the workforce of the future, Luckie also announced the purchase of a plot of land in the metaverse for their first virtual office.

Luckie’s virtual office is in Decentraland. The design is being developed by the agency’s Brand Experience and Creative teams. The virtual space incorporates the company’s clover logo in its rooftop and features a dynamic open-air, unrestricted building that welcomes people in to look around and collaborate.

The space also includes a gallery of NFTs the agency has created for client partners like Regions Bank, Alabama Power, and the U.S. Civil Rights Trail, and for their headquarter city of Birmingham.  The gallery is situated in an open space on the ground floor that can be seen from a distance and serves as a magnet to draw people in. The second and subsequent floors will serve as spaces for presentations and gatherings so employees and the agency’s business partners can experiment in the web3 world.

Luckie plans to use the Decentraland office as a place to hold client meetings, internal meetups, agency job fairs, and events, as well as a space to showcase web3 work done for clients.

“We are helping clients innovate and there’s no better way to remove the luck from that process than immersing ourselves in the experience first,” said Fred Schank, chief experience officer for Luckie. “From the crypto purchase to the 3D scene design, to launching a smart contract, we’ve worked through each step so we can guide our client partners through the possibilities.”

Luckie also recently finished a six-month renovation and expansion of their Atlanta office, doubling the size of the space. The company has experienced steady revenue and team growth, despite the pandemic and a disruptive economy, and over the last 12 months has named a new CEO, appointed a CMO, invested in a Chief Experience Officer and doubled the size of the strategy team.

“We can only help our partners grow if we’re investing in the future ourselves,” said John Gardner, CEO of Luckie. “The offices, including the virtual space, are an important part of our collaborative culture and help us work better and smarter as a team.”

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