Tom Luckie

Tom Luckie’s 30-year career at Luckie & Company, the agency founded by his father, has taken him through change after change in the world of advertising. He earned his role as a leader within the agency through decades of hard work, and in that time he has been pivotal in helping Luckie evolve from a traditional suit-and-tie ad agency to a cutting-edge, digitally savvy shop earning national attention for its integrated use of advertising, PR, social media and more.

Tom may have a marketing degree from Auburn University and an MBA from Samford University, but his real education has come from the years of commitment to the agency that bears his family name. As a Luckie, he promotes the importance of being smart and nice, two values that have driven the agency and its work over the years.

In his life beyond Luckie & Company, Tom is an active member of multiple groups within the Birmingham community and spends time with his family (the one outside the agency walls).

What drives him: Leadership, working with smart and nice people

With Luckie since: 1977

Expertise: Agency leadership