Schutt Sports | Multichannel Interactive Marketing Dominates the Category

The Science of Domination

Technology that changes the protection game.

In a world where people were calling into question the mechanics and safety of football as a game, Schutt needed help. Despite its long history of scientific advances in player safety and performance, the brand was losing market share to more modern-feeling brands like Nike, Under Armour and Riddell. It was time for an update and a new brand purpose driven by relentless dedication to the player.

We launched “The Science of Domination” campaign, highlighting the passion of Schutt engineers to develop and improve the safety of helmets and pads to protect players while improving performance. We created a new, mobile-optimized site, with fresh imagery, bold typography and clean graphic elements that combined engineering with style. A launch video showed our passion for pushing the limits. Schutt now has more 5-star-rated helmets than any other brand, and over 50% of NFL skill position players wear Schutt.