Emory University | Global Omnichannel Meets the Dali Lama

The Compassion Shift

The lack of compassion in our world puts humanity’s very survival in danger.

Many people believe that compassion is only for extraordinary people giving ordinary people like us a way out. Our challenge was to bring compassion to everyone and make it a part of everyday life.

We introduced a digital experience based on an ancient human narrative that takes people on an individual and a shared journey to compassion simultaneously through the 21-Day Compassion Shift Challenge. A digital, mobile-first experience through a progressive web ​app unlocked content based on individual’s progress while making meditation accessible globally. A complete omnichannel experience connected social media engagement, a locked FB group, PR and advocacy, with digital and CRM efforts. We engaged with people from over 100 countries to participate in a transformative experience.

The Compassion Shift Omnichannel
The Compassion Shift Emory University Multiple Languages
The Compassion Shift Emory University The Dalai Lama
The Compassion Shift Emory University Omnichannel