Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama | The One Thing Campaign

Reaching Business Goals by Simplifying Health Goals

The Opportunity

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information all of us receive on the news and through social media about how diet, exercise and self-care can improve our health and happiness. To counter this overload, BCBSAL asked Luckie to help make health information meaningful, relevant and, most of all, attainable.

Removing the Luck

Based on the insight that breaking big goals into small ones makes reaching them easier, we developed a campaign platform that focuses on just one thing that Alabamians can do to improve their health – and ultimately their happiness. ​We built out the campaign by featuring one hero at a time who does one simple thing to be a little bit healthier and is then celebrated by all those around them. We further eliminated luck by using first-member data to form our content strategy around over-65 and under-65 personas to deliver personalized messaging.
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