Exposing a Truth to Spark Social Change

Let Women Decathlon

One Olympic event crowns the world’s greatest athlete. Women aren’t allowed to compete. Yet.

When Luckie met U.S. track and field star and world-record holder Jordan Gray, we agreed to shoot a video with our in-house production company, Luckie Underground, to help with sponsorships. But when we heard her story, we changed course and helped her mount a social campaign to end gender discrimination in the Olympics.

Our research showed that 1) almost no one knows women can’t compete, and 2) when they find out, they’re angered at the injustice and want to change it.

Luckie worked with Jordan to create videos, social posts, posters, a website and a petition (on change.org). Within weeks, the petition had over 18,000 signatures, and Let Women Decathlon was featured on news channels like NBC and in sports podcasts, blog posts and newspaper articles. Jordan’s Instagram and Twitter posts took off, with one video getting over 3 million views.

Sign the petition today at letwomendecathlon.org.

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