Internship Launch

We’re looking for Luckie interns, but don’t let the title fool ya! It’s not about luck at all. It’s about you and your hunger for more. It’s what drove you to pursue your degree. And what keeps you up at night, dreaming of the career that lies ahead.

The next Luckie Internship Program launches June 2024.

Apply today by sending us your resume and telling us a little bit about yourself. Be sure to indicate the city (Atlanta or Birmingham) and department you are interested in.

Hear what previous interns have to say

Caroline Pagoaga

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“Interning at Luckie opens you up to a lot of different perspectives. As a former intern, I realized that Luckie is a great size agency because we’ve got some big-league clients like Regions, Little Debbie, and Galderma, but it’s small enough that you can work/learn across departments and teams very easily. I was exposed to so much brilliant work and creative ideas. And, it turned into a full-time job for me!”

Riley Scruggs

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“I had an amazing experience as an intern here. I learned more during my internship, than I did all 4 years of college (I wish I was kidding). I was able to challenge myself and work on a variety of clients. We were given real work that mattered, there was no “busy work”. Everyone was super welcoming, friendly and eager to help, which made coming into work something I truly looked forward to.”

Vinay Sankar

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“The Luckie internship was easily one of the best working experiences I've ever had. From Day one, I was treated as an equal and was able to get my hands on a variety of projects that I felt had a real impact on the business. Also, the intern class I was hired with as well as the office culture and events made work not feel like work.”

Katie Cohen

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“My internship with Luckie was one of the most beneficial things I did during my college career. It really helped me bridge the gaps between what I was learning in the classroom and how different a real-world job is. I felt extremely Luckie (pun intended) to get to learn from some amazing mentors all the while doing actual work for clients and making an impact.

We work with Grit and Grace in all we do.

Grit is our passion and persistence. It’s our growth mindset and our drive for continuous improvement. Grit is never avoiding the hard work it takes to help clients win. Grace is the kindness and empathy with which we treat one another. It’s our guide to always do the right thing and lead by example.