Luckie is looking for a strong, seasoned brand strategist who is familiar with working in a fast-paced, agency environment, writing stellar briefs, and collaborating with a dynamic team to do great work that gets Luckie and our clients talked about.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Monitor & report cultural, social, attitudinal, and behavioral trends and perceptions
  • Facilitate business challenge sessions with senior team and client partners
  • Own concept development for message claims and upstream opportunities
  • Develop and participate in qualitative and quantitative insight and target understanding
  • Develop a strong working relationship with creative teams before and during the creative process
  • Identify and articulate compelling insights that inform briefs & proposals
  • Write strong creative briefs for mid to large-size campaigns
  • Collaborate with creative, media, content, and experience strategy to expand a creative idea across relevant touchpoints and for different segments
  • Provide ongoing inspiration for creative communications and business problem-solving ideas
  • Develop trusted partnerships with brand manager-level clients
  • Have a broad overview of all your client’s data sources and know where/how to get the specifics quickly
  • Lead discussions with the client and manage those owning the data–– ensuring they’re feeding the team with meaningful data that informs the work
  • Contribute to the strategic debate on your brands and are able to articulate and support a point of view on how it should be moved forward
  • Develop perspectives on the different ways to achieve short-term and long-term brand objectives

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • 5+ years of experience at an agency in strategic brand planning
  • Expertise in brand building, marketing, and brand management
  • A consumer and trend expert who transforms strategic targets into actionable briefs
  • An eye for detail as well as a vision for high-concept initiatives
  • Experience helping teams give life to a strategic idea by expanding it across robust campaign ecosystem
  • Proficiency in planner skills & knowledge that has been demonstrated in varied assignments including oversight of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies
  • Some combination of fast-moving CPG, finance, and/or franchise brand marketing communications experience
  • Strong communication skills, a charismatic personality, and powerful presentation skills
  • You have learned ‘higher’ desk research skills that might be necessary, useful, or impressive, such as TGI correspondence, statistical significance, or cluster analysis
  • You have developed a ‘diet’ of wide and eclectic reading around and beyond the subjects of brands, marketing, and communications to familiarize yourself with new thinking about and new opportunities offered by non-conventional media
  • You are accustomed to structuring and drafting presentations that do not require subsequent editorial involvement from a senior planner
  • You understand the commercial issues for your brand, monitor for competitor movement, and offer proactive suggestions to the client on ways to react